About Us

Hi, I’m Terisa R. Nelson, President/CEO of ENTEGRITY Janitorial Services, Inc.
I want to thank you for visiting our website and taking the first step towards enhancing your property with measurably effective janitorial cleaning services. 

Things have changed over the last few years in the cleaning industry, and chances are, in the past you may have had to suffer through cleaning companies with ongoing quality issues, cleaners not showing up, supplies running out, or inconsistent cleaning because of their high staff turnover.

It’s exhausting…

Today, You have to expect more from your cleaning service provider because your health is depending on it. We believe that our team can add more value to your organization and your building/properties way beyond cleaning.

Because they are an important part of our quality program.  The key to the success of any quality program is better communication.

 That phone in their pocket, isn’t just for talking. It’s a sophisticated computer that allows our team to communicate in ways that only a few years back, just wasn’t possible.

Our methods, and technology allows cleaners, yes, your cleaners, to check in with GPS, send messages and report problems in real time.
So, if anything does go wrong, we’re on it right away.

As an example, our exclusive Site/Location Management Technology, offers the ability for us to communicate in many different languages. The cleaning instructions for each building site or property, supply ordering, messages and reporting of any problems onsite, are all automatically translated into every cleaner’s language of preference.  And then translated back to English for us to take action…. 

Makes it very easy to ensure there are no misunderstandings…

Let me ask you a question?     Do you trust the cleaning company who manages your site with pen and paper, or one that uses technology and combines that technology with an amazing team?

If you’re anything like most of our clients, you’d prefer the latter and will also “Discover the Difference in clean? 

My goal is to meet with you in person very soon.