About Us

Hi, I’m Terisa R. Nelson, Founder/President/CEO of ENTEGRITY Janitorial Services, Inc.
I want to thank you for visiting our website and taking the first step towards enhancing your property with measurably effective janitorial cleaning services. 

Things have changed over the last few years in the cleaning industry, and chances are, in the past you may have had to suffer through cleaning companies with ongoing quality issues, cleaners not showing up, supplies running out, or inconsistent cleaning because of their high staff turnover.

It’s exhausting…

Today, You have to expect more from your cleaning service provider because your health is depending on it. Our team can add more value to your organization and your building/properties way beyond cleaning.

Our belief is that poor standards of cleanliness constitute a health risk. The keys to the success of our quality cleaning program is first the way we view cleaning secondly, the way our staff is trained on proper cleaning techniques and methods and thirdly, how we educate the community on the value of cleaning.

Our cleaning crews are extensively trained in quality customer service, germ removal cleaning techniques, Blood-borne pathogens, safety, infection control and illness prevention.  This allows our team to be specialist and confident in providing quality healthy cleaning that many cleaning service companies just don't provide.  It is because of my nursing background that we train our staff on illness prevention cleaning techniques and processes, combined with microfiber technology that allow your cleaners, yes, your cleaners, to perform cleaning tasks that focus on public health and measurable impeccable results.
So, that you remain healthy in a clean environment

One example is, our high-touch point cleaning, which provides a substantial decrease in illness transmission resulting in less work absenteeism- higher work production for your employees. 

Simply saving you money, improving building appearance and keeping occupants, visitors and guest healthy.

Let me ask you a question?  Would you trust a cleaning company who cleans your site with a focus of what's in it for them, or one that focuses on what's in it for YOU?

If you’re anything like most of our clients, you’d prefer the latter and will decide to partner with us to address your cleaning challenges with measurable healthy cleaning outcomes.

This is why we have become "the most requested and trusted cleaning service provider .



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