Here's your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to partner with a professional cleaning service provider whose focus is truly on YOU !!!  An alternative to the typical janitorial company.

What does that mean you ask?
Here are just three reasons....

# 1. We are in the business of solving cleaning challenges, while focusing on public health.

#2. YOU tell us your cleaning challenges, we listen and design a cleaning program with solutions that work best for you - giving you options.

#3. Certified in AORN, OSHA and CDC industry best work practices, protocols and regulations
When YOU partner with ENTEGRITY Janitorial Services, you will learn what your neighbors already know.  Discover the Difference In Clean

  •  *Health-Based Cleaning - Eradicating the spread of illness causing germs and Cross Contamination                 Prevention
          *Terminal Cleaning                                    
          *Carpet Care/Floor Care                        
          *Restroom Disinfecting/Sanitizing Cleaning
          *Day Porter Services
          *Packaging Medical Waste (Medical Bio-Hazard Waste (RED BAG and Sharps) preparation for pick-up                    transporting) 

                          BUSINESS THAT WE HELP:
Commercial Offices
Surgical Centers 
Medical Offices/ Hospital Facilities
Dialysis Centers
Dermatology Centers
Weight Loss Centers
Manufacturing Facilities
Fitness Centers
Begin your journey to a cleaner healthier environment.                                                                                              Don't Delay....... Call  to schedule your service today. 
                 Our Cleaning Success Team is ready to assist you.                                      
Walking Into a Building Cleaned With ENTEGRITY Is Good For Business!!