Stephanie Strawder, AR/AP,HR Director
Stephanie brings a wealth of experience to the organization. A former Fox Studio executive, many years of business experience working with Author Anderson accounting firm, and former business owner as well.
         Terisa R. Nelson 
   Founder, President/CEO
Prior to forming ENTEGRITY Janitorial Services, Inc., she worked in the healthcare industry as a RN and knows all to well the impact that cleaning has on health. Terisa believes that providing cleaning services to environments outside of the healthcare setting will impact public health, and the control or removal of dirt and dust will help those who have allergies as well as minimizes the chances of spreading bacteria and infections.  It is for these reasons that ENTEGRITY Janitorial Services was created. Terisa's motto is "cleaning services is not a cost to be minimized - your health depends on it."
Meet Our Team at ENTEGRITY Janitorial Services, Inc., and MAID with ENTEGRITY
  Charles A. Nelson, 
  Field Services Supervisor
We are pleased to announce the promotion of Charles to Field Services Manager. Charles has many years of experience in customer service with his many years serving in the military, aerospace and the electronics industry. He is a team leader and knows how to get the cleaning staff to perform at their highest potential.

We are excited to welcome our newest member of the EJS family. Ms. La'Sharril D. Fisher. She will fill the position of Office Manager/HR Manager. Ms. Fisher has extensive experience in office administration, supervisory and HR skills. We know that she will be a great asset to our company.
La'Sharril Fisher,
Office Manager/HR Manager
Terrell J. Fisher
Director of South East Division             (Charlotte)