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Limit Cross Contamination & Set Your Facility Up For Success
Color-coding microfiber cleaning items may be a new way of doing things but the reality is that it is a significant improvement over the old way of doing things. It is reasonable and low cost to implement and your facility deserves this assurance of health and quality from your commercial cleaning company. All facilities benefit from the use of color coding systems, including those industries that require health care cleaning, school cleaning, industrial cleaning, office cleaning and more. 

Color-coded cleaning cloths offer many advantages to both cleaning companies and the customers they serve. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination, control infection and get the quality cleaning deserve in your facility. Here at ENTEGRITY Janitorial Services, Inc, we use the color-coded cloth microfiber system company wide in an effort to further reduce the risk of cross contamination and increase efficiency and health conscious cleaning practices.

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With A Color Coded Microfiber Towel System Your Desk Won’t Be Wiped With the Same Towel As the Toilet

It's hard not to pick up your phone, turn on the light or grab the computer mouse without wondering what grossness lingers on the surface. Reduce or eliminate the risk of cross contamination by insisting your janitorial services company use designated colored towels for specific tasks and areas. This easy to implement and easy to use system uses color-coded mop heads, buckets, rags, microfiber cloths and other hand tools to designate what gets used where in a clear, easy to use and easy to track method. 

The commonly used standard in color-coded towels is red for high-risk areas such as toilets and urinals; yellow for low-risk restroom cleaning like sinks and mirrors; blue for general cleaning (dusting, window cleaning, wiping desks, etc.) in other areas of a facility; and green for food-service areas. Assuring tools used to clean high-risk areas are easily recognized and used exclusively in those areas can virtually eliminate cross contamination and reduce colds, flus and worse in your facility. 

Is Your Restroom Cleaning Service #1 or #2?

A clean restroom is one of the most important components of a well maintained facility and yet, it is often also one of the most overlooked areas of a building. Restroom cleaning can be challenging because the expectation is that when you use a restroom, it is clean but the reality of facility restrooms is they see a great deal of activity and can become dirty and gross very quickly. 

With a high frequency of use, many touch points and hot spots for transferring germs, and increased exposure to bio-hazardous wastes combine to make restrooms one of the scariest places in any facility. Restroom sanitation must be a priority for your commercial cleaning company. And restrooms don’t just have to look clean, they have to BE clean. Because restrooms that harbor germs and bacteria make people sick and sick employees cost companies resources and poor business outcomes that can translate directly to the bottom line. 

So are your restroom cleaners scoring a #1 or #2 when it comes to commercial restroom cleaning? And if you are unhappy with the level of service your restrooms are getting from your commercial office cleaning company, how can you find a janitorial services company that will deliver the level of clean you really need?

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